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We are committed to sustainability and we value acting with environmental responsibility. Learn about some of the measures we apply in all our operations:

D4Sign Certification: We use digital signature and certification, eliminating the use of paper, printer, and ink.

Sustainable Energy: Our headquarters is equipped with Photovoltaic Solar Energy plates, a clean and renewable energy source, which also reduces pollution from contaminating sources.

"Green IT": We migrated our entire system to cloud computing, adhered to software and server virtualization, prioritized online solutions whenever possible, and established scale among employees to enable remote work.


We see people as our main asset. Therefore, we stimulate new ideas, collaborative practices and the promotion of change through knowledge dissemination.

In our work relationships, we value an equitable environment, seeing the differences and the personality of each individual as indispensable criteria in the composition of our organizational culture.

We believe in the potential of new ideas, of collaborative debate, of proposing new actions that aim at the collective, both internally and externally to our firm. In our vision, each person and each organization plays a relevant role in the construction of new social realities and better conditions for all.

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We are developing this work based on a few pillars:


Democratization of knowledge through an accessible approach to the main themes.


The search for the best solutions in the market for maintaining and measuring our practices.


Promote everyone's participation, with expert input and encouragement of diverse views


Ethics and trust are the pillars supporting our trajectory. We see these parameters as a fundamental standard of conduct, but more than that, we also constantly strive to have them absorbed throughout our organizational culture and in our legal and business performance.

Integrity in labor relations: We do not see people as resources, but as a fundamental part of our organization. That is why we always ensure to establish fair labor relations, in full compliance with the labor legislation and promoting the welfare of our workers.

Litigation Management: We conduct our litigation management with a view to finding the most expeditious and efficient solutions for our clients. We also see this conduct as essential to law firms, in their jurisdictional exercise, to contribute to the construction of a more functional and accessible judiciary.

Privacy and Data Protection: We see respect for data privacy as one of the essential conditions for maintaining the relationships of trust that we have built over many years of work. Access our Privacy Policy.

Preventive Culture: In our legal services, we promote prevention and guidance, avoiding, whenever possible, unnecessary investments in time and cost that a lawsuit may require, focusing on offering the most effective options for each case.

Pre and post litigation support: In the pre-litigation stage, we develop a consultative process to identify prevention and management solutions. After the lawsuit is filed, we provide all the follow-up with periodic reports, in addition to the evaluation of possible opportunities.