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- A Assis Advocacia é
reconhecida pela excelência
na prestação de serviços jurídicos
no âmbito do Direito Empresarial.


Com mais de 24 anos de performance jurídica, atendendo desde pequenas e médias empresas a grandes players do mercado, proporciona suporte jurídico especializado com apoio multidisciplinar de alto nível técnico. Dispõe de profissionais altamente qualificados, comprometidos com a busca das mais completas e inovadoras soluções com foco na agilidade, efetividade e geração de valor no atendimento aos clientes. 

- Assis Advocacia is recognized for its excellence in providing legal services in the field of Business Law.


With over 24 years of legal performance, serving from small and medium-sized companies to major players in the market, it provides specialized legal support with multidisciplinary support of high technical level. It has highly qualified professionals committed to the search for the most complete and innovative solutions with a focus on agility, effectiveness, and value generation in client service. 


With a history based on relationships of trust and value creation for its clients, Assis Advocacia has built a strong tradition in the corporate world. The vast experience in supporting companies in the most diverse segments has provided us with the necessary business vision to go beyond jurisdictional services and also in the management of litigation, with high performance and agility in the development of legal solutions.

We see our clients' projects as our cause. That is why we constantly work on the development of tools and the improvement of our team to better conduct our work. The effective practice of this business vision has provided Assis Advocacia with an outstanding position within a competitive scenario.

With a structure of comprehensive services and totally focused on B2B services, we also outsource companies' legal departments, enabling cost optimization and better results. For this, we count on a team composed of specialized professionals concerned with a life long learning qualification, with specialized performance by areas and trained for a strategic vision.

With this vision, focused on tradition, trust, and value creation for our clients, we have conducted our trajectory with high quality and committed services.

Based on this trajectory, we have established the pillars to trace our goals for the future.


Tradition and Trust: We have 24 years of history in the legal practice, acting in the defense and assurance of our clients' interests, and we have been acting in the corporate sector since 1984 through the Assist Group's multidisciplinary solutions, always assuring stability and trust in our services.

Social Responsibility and Sustainability: Through the defense of our clients' interests and the incessant search for differentiated and innovative solutions, we intend to promote and make feasible the exercise of entrepreneurship, providing means for the safe and exponential growth of corporations.

Entrepreneurship: We are dedicated to offering personalized attention and a unique experience to each of our clients, considering the particularities and needs of each company, which allows us to offer more assertive solutions in the search for the best results.

Strategic and Customized Solutions: We are dedicated to providing personalized attention and a unique experience for each of our clients, considering the particularities and needs unique to each company, which allows us to offer more assertive solutions in the pursuit of the best results.

Ethics and Responsibility: Commitment to ethical, reputable, and responsible work to ensure an effective performance that contributes to the sustainable development of our clients in order to generate positive impacts throughout society.

Innovation and Processes: We are fans of technology and encourage creativity as a way to develop mechanisms that contribute to better operational performance, agility and assertiveness in decision-making and performance measurements.

Value Generation: We continuously seek to transform our work into an opportunity to offer something more through our history and expertise, with personalized action and constant improvement.